Will the bargaining team consider altering the A/B seniority list?

The subject of altering the A/B seniority list was previously brought to interest-based arbitration during a past round of collective bargaining. The corporation successfully argued for the maintenance of the A/B list. Moving forward, our approach will involve considering alternative perspectives. With the assistance of the membership, we may focus on areas of importance to them i.e. bidding for vacations, positions, or overtime.

Will the bargaining team be looking at parity during this round of negotiations?

Yes, the bargaining team will be advocating for parity or better, especially concerning benefits that were lost in previous years, such as the seventh week vacation, pre-retirement leaves, and pension. We have informed the corporation that we will delay signing until we assess their stance on benefits with other bargaining groups that are currently at the table with them, aiming to reclaim what we’ve lost.