Dear Members,

  The Association has filed a grievance on behalf of all members alleging that the Corporation’s mandatory vaccination policy contravenes our collective agreement. You should be aware that a number of arbitrators have provided decisions regarding mandatory vaccination policies in favour of employers. The rationale is for most of these decisions is that such policies are reasonable given the risks of exposure and potential consequences of becoming infected from COVID. For this reason, your Association will focus, not on the Corporation’s right to implement such a policy, but on the fact that by placing our members on administrative leave without pay is disciplinary in nature and contravenes our collective agreement. We are hopeful, but realistic that this argument will be accepted by the Arbitrator selected to hear this grievance.

The chosen arbitrator for this grievance will be Mr. Robert Herman. The Association is actively seeking arbitration dates at this time, and we will post an update as new facts become available.

Rick Williams

National 1st Vice president