To do or not to do…

Since the beginning, the Supervisors Members of the Association showed their professionalism not only in their own job but also in the entire task around Canada Post day to day activities.
Because it’s difficult in some parts of the country to find the necessary personnel to deliver the mail, we sometime believe that we should skip part of our duties to help the Corporation in respecting the norm of service. But at what price?
Now that the Directors and Managers understand that they cannot force our Members to deliver the mail of the vacant RSMC’s routes, we have to accept the fact and see what we can do to help our customers to receive their mail everyday. 
First you were hired to supervise the work of the Employees under your responsibility. Start and do your eight (8) hours of work. It’s commendable to think of the costumers in this regard however, if your work is not done properly, it’s not the costumer who will come to defend you when you will receive in writing a needs improvement rating. Hey, I delivered the mail to help the company; your job is Supervisor not Helper. 
Do your full day and after your eight (8) hours of work and if you are still willing, you can sort and deliver the mail to our customers in overtime. Yes for certain you will have companies who will be angry because they will have received their mail late in the day but, if you were not to have volunteered they wouldn’t have received anything at all that day.
Be aware of some Directors or Managers using tactics such as; you are not a team player. If you make some mistakes or forget to do an important part of your work as a result of your choices to assist the company in delivering mail, you will soon see if you are part of the team.
Do your job. Do it right. After, we will see.