Special Meeting of The New Executive Committee in Calabogie, Ontario

The National Executive Committee has 12 members; 3 National Officers and 9 Divisional Vice Presidents.Following our last Convention, there has been a number of changes: 6 new Divisional Vice Presidents, 3 members taking on new roles and 3 members that will continue in their current positions.
For the first time, a special meeting of the new Executive Committee was held during the month of August in Calabogie Ontario. During this meeting, the Executive Committee participated in a union training seminar based on the new orientation of the Association, and were informed of the objectives and goals for the next 3 years.
Our partnership with the Corporation remains the same; we strongly believe that together we can improve the working conditions of our members, while helping the company to attain its objectives (service and financial).
As in any other relationship, there are ups and downs in our Partnership. A joint effort must be made in order to maintain a positive working relationship. On the other hand, we will not remain passive when there is abuse. Everyone deserves to be respected, in our personal life, as in our working life, and we will make sure the second one is well respected.
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