May 20th, 2010 Update

The Association attended a follow-up meeting yesterday with the Corporation. Unfortunately, all the Regions reports were not available. We expect to review the final details over the next few days.
We had open discussions on what will happen to our Members after the proposed reorganization and as discovered, multiple situations are possible. This is due to the fact that the changes that will be implemented by the Corporation are very different from one Region to the next and presently, we cannot share with you the way it will be done in each area. 
Once again, I need to repeat…, NO MEMBERS WILL LOSE THEIR JOB.
Repeatedly, we continue to advise the Corporation of the disastrous outcome of this reorganization and reiterate our position that we are not in agreement with what they are doing. 
We continue to participate because we want to ensure that our Members will be protected.
The Association in consultation with our Legal Council Team are reviewing all possibilities to defend the interests of our Members.