May 18, 2010 news

The Association and the Corporation will meet Wednesday May 19, 2010 to review the Regions study.
The decision of deleting Superintendent and/or Relief positions will only raise the pressure on our members who already have enough to deal with. Despite the fact that we voiced on many occasions that deleting these positions will be fatal for the viability of our company; the Corporation focused solely on the need of decreasing manpower at any price and without applying a logical approach. The Corporation is intending to implement this project soon.
We will be receiving and distributing more details very soon and you and the branches will know the negative impact of those cut’s made without any apparent logical approach except, to make money by abusing our members’ health.
You will have to bring yourselves to do the essential and not the impossible. Unfortunately, we will have to put aside our professional values for our work solely to meet the Corporation’s only goal ‘’making money at all cost’’.
At one time, we were important for the work we were doing, today, we are important because we are the target.
The Corporation continues to express the fact that it is taking care of the people. Let’s say that we do not interpret the message from these actions this way.