Lately in the APOC world

The National Executive Officers met with our new Canada Post CEO Deepak Chopra and a number of the 12th floor Senior Vice Presidents. We had stated to Deepak our concerns with some members of management who offer no hesitation in choosing not to respect our collective agreement or the Corporate Policies, even when they are quite aware of them. While it is certainly not the majority of them, they are the one’s who have effectively destroyed the relationship/partnership which existed between ourselves and who unfortunately, continue the series of abuses on our members. We were encouraged to see and hear the new leader of the Corporations reaction on this major issue. We are of the opinion and belief that we will see changes in this regard in the very near future.
Regarding the RVU Job Evaluation Review, we have recently had many discussions with the Corporation and we believe that we will have a resolution on this issue before the end of May. We wish to express our thanks and appreciation to our RVU members for their continued patience. 
Today, we still have many ongoing Labour Relations disputes with the Corporation. Unfortunately, the lack or unwillingness to settle these disputes on their part will result in the majority of them going to arbitration. A most recent example on this specific point would be the Corporations complete disregard for the collecxtive agreement which outlines and stipulates how vaction leave scheduling is to occur. Somehow, the Corporation is of the opinion that just because the agreement states this process is to be discussed and agreed upon through local consultation, it’s just easier instead to unilaterally impose a National Vacation Schedule for our members in the CSN. Unfortunately, rather than accept the principles regarding consultative and negotiated agreements, the Corporation believes that it’s easier to just hire a lawyer to fight the Association on this matter in arbitration.The Association has filed a National Grievance on the CSN vacation bid issue and expects to obtain Formal Hearing information shortly. In addition, as recent as in the last month, we had 5 members facing termination. 
Postal Transformation is proceeding quickly and this is a major change for all of us in APOC and all Employees of the Corporation. It was APOC with the direct input of our members on the Front-Line, who proposed the new National Organizational Structure that will ensure the right number of Supervisors are provided in each office where the New Delivery Model is implemented. If you have any questions in this regard, please contact your Divisional Vice President. We also wish to express our thanks to our Winnipeg South West Depot colleagues for the work they did in the absence of the new structure. They are the ones who should be considered as heroes for the hard work, dedication and stress they endured as the pioneers on this project. 
We are finalizing discussions with the Corporation regarding the Travel Policy and more specifically, its application. We have many issues across the country in this regard which, pending final agreement, will soon be resolved. We will be seeking agreement to ensure continued and consistent application for all members. Please continue to keep track of your travel claims in the event that they may need to be adjusted. Regarding the meal and car mileage allowances, we continue to request that these rates be adjusted to reflect the realitites of Today and we hope to see some changes made soon. 
The Corporation has advised APOC of efforts being made to speed up the hiring process in order to fill Supervisor positions. The purpose being in ensuring that adequate and proper staffing is in place to cover vacant positions and to provide the correct number of relief staff to replace the known absences.
Following the announcement that François Goulet, National President will be stepping down from his position and retiring and as per the APOC National Constitution, Darrin Kohut 1st National Vice President will become the new National President. Guy Dubois 2nd National Vice President will then take the 1st National Vice President position. Accordingly, an election will be held at the National Branch President meeting to fill the 2nd National Vice President position. The result of this election will be determined and distributed on May 30th, 2011.