The Year-End review and Performance Appraisal

Hello to all. This is a reminder to all members that as we come to the year-end, you will be required to review your accomplishments for the past 2010 year. The information provided is excerpts from Performance Management Human Resources training material and will be helpful for you and your team leader as you go through this process. 
The Year-End review and Performance Appraisal is the final step in the Performance Management process. It gives you and your team leader an opportunity to step back from the day-today activities and assess your overall performance.
During this review you have an important role to play. In fact, it is as much your responsibility as your team leader’s to provide an evaluation of your performance. To help this process, you should come to the meeting prepared with examples of your accomplishments tied to each goal, or personal attributes. Remember, your team leader may not be able to recall your work in detail like you can. It is up to you to make sure your efforts are properly reflected in the Year-End review
To assist you for this meeting, National APOC has prepared a list of criteria that you should have available for this meeting
1.- 2010 Performance Management Plan (PMP) 
2.- (if applicable in your area) 2010 Quarter Review comments/documentation for 1st quarter ending March 31st, and 3rd quarter ending Sept 30th, , 2010
3.- Mid Year Review comments/documentation covering Jan 01, to June 30, 2010
4.- Year end numbers pertaining to Performance Measures. (e.g. year end results in the following financial, service, DLE, Safety measurable, employee engagement “requirements may vary depending on individual PMP targets’)
5.- recognition or awards from customers, peers, team leaders, other functions.
6.- personal involvement in activities pertaining to growth in your area, section, special projects, employee engagement activities, training 
Performance Rating
Please remember, the best surprise is no surprise. By the time the year-end rating is assigned, you should have received ongoing feedback and input throughout the year that supports the final rating. If however, there is a difference of opinion, you should discuss the issue(s) openly and objectively with your team leader. If there still is a concern after the meeting, contact your APOC rep for assistance. 
If performance problems regarding your behaviors/actions have been identified, some questions have been provided to assist you in this meeting
1.     when was the problem first identified?
2.     are there examples to demonstrate the problem?
3.     why was this concern not brought to your attention at the time it was first identified?
Ensure you document your discussion with your team leader. This will assist you in the development of your 2011 performance objectives.
APOC National