End of project for the safety group

RSMC Safety project will be completed before the end of this year and while winding down the project we have identified a need for a change in the organisation to continue to support regional RSMC operations. 

•     On August 20, a notice with the new organisation proposal was provided to National APOC . 

•     During consultation, it was some problems were identified around the RSO and DPO job titles and within the letter of offers. 

•     Over the past 5 years, positions were created for:

•     RSO (Job# 89090948) within the Delivery Planning group, 

•     RSO (Job# 89090948) and DPO (Job# 89100775) within the Delivery Safety team. 

Following the discussion with APOC executive leadership on the proposed new Rural Operations organisation information provided on the August 20, we have agreed on the process to staff the new organisation as we wind down the the Delivery Safety project.

•     Delivery Safety resources shall be considered part of the Operations Support team. 

•      OP-2 positions (Job # 89040487) that are safety project related will be integrated (permanent positions) within the existing Delivery Planning team. 

•     All RSO – OP 1 and DPO – OP1 within Delivery Planning and RSMC Ops will be included in the staffing process for the new Rural Service Organisation.

•     Bidding by seniority will occur among all current employees in an RSO and DPO OP-1 position for the RSO and DPO positions of the new structure. 

•     The remaining OP-1s will be funded by the Delivery Safety project and will be either transitioned into the new position owner or continue to support their current activities until the end of the project in 2013. 

•     Any employee assigned to a RSO position as a result of the bidding as described in slide 2 will not be subject to tenure until Jan 8 2014. This provides an opportunity to bid / transfer if new vacancies are available or new positions created.

•     Any employees that moves from the Ops Support team will follow the collective agreement.

•     At the end of the project in 2013, Article 44 will be applied for surplus employees :

•     Assignment to a vacant position

•     Displacement rights within office, zone and division