Negotiation Committee


Elections were held on Thursday, October 24, 2013 as per the following Article 8.33 of the National Constitution: 

8.33 The Negotiation Committee shall be comprised of: 

– National President 

– 1st National Vice-President 

– one representative from the Atlantic 

– one representative from Quebec 

– one representative from Ontario 

– representative from the area west of Ontario

The following individuals were elected to the Negotiation Committee:

•     National President, Guy Dubois,

•     1st National Vice-President, Darrin Kohut,

•     Atlantic Representative, Michael Ling, Divisional Vice-President Atlantic

•     Quebec Representative, Michel Tremblay, Divisional Vice-President Quebec

•     Ontario Representative, Lyle Drouillard, Divisional Vice-President Huron

•     Area West of Ontario Representative, Dave Watters, Divisional Vice-President Pacific

Additionally, Mr. George Rontiris, the Association’s legal counsel is a member of the Negotiation Committee for the Association.

We would like to thank all those who showed interests by submitting their names for the Negotiation Committee.

Further information will be posted shortly regarding the submission of proposals for consideration to the Negotiation Committee.