Negotiations versus Job Evaluation !

As you probably know, we will start our negotiations on Monday, November 17th, 2008 and I would like to clarify one important point with you.
The Job Evaluation review was supposed to be completed last March. It is not in place presently, because we always said that we will not RUSH the process just to finish it. Our primary goal was, and still is, the QUALITY of the product.
During the week of November 17th, testing of the Job Evaluation Questionnaire will be held in the Atlantic, Midwest and Pacific regions. The first week of December will see further testing being done in Montreal and Toronto.
The Joint Committee will review the results, and if both parties are satisfied, it will be a part of our negotiations at the table. You will also have the opportunity to complete the Job Evaluation Questionnaire to assist us in ensuring that your job will be evaluated at the right level.
We will not have a new agreement, if we are not completely satisfied with the Job Evaluation Plan.
I hope that this clarification assists you in understanding ( our position ) where we are at.