Labour Disruption Message

Dear Members,
As of midnight Thursday, June 2nd, a labour disruption involving CUPW may take place at your normal work facility.
There are many rumours out there however, the following information is meant to assist you and hopefully, provide clarity regarding the position of the Association on some of the issues or concerns you may have.
First, please ensure you visit IntraPost and review the Team Leader Briefing documents…Picket Line Protocol and CUPW Contingency. This document is also available on our website under the Documents Section titled Picket Line Employee (.pdf) and Team Leader Briefing (.pdf).
The information contained in this document is relevant and provides a great deal of information related to the expectations and personal safety considerations of our members.
It is important to remind all – that each member has a duty and an obligation to report to work and is expected to attempt to cross a legal picket line. In addition, our members are not allowed to participate in the current labour dispute (such as refusing to cross a picket line-unless your personal health & safety is involved) and that such actions may result in disciplinary actions up to and including dismissal. 
However, where we differ from the expectations regarding the position of the Corporation is related to the following duties or tasks possibly being assigned to our members:
•     Once you enter your facility, remember, you are there to do your APOC work, you are not there to perform the work of any other bargaining unit, and this is not limited to just those on strike. If you are asked, or instructed to do the work of another bargaining unit, inform the individual that you are there to perform APOC work. If you continue to be pressured to comply with the request, ask the individual “IS THIS A DIRECT ORDER “. If the answer is YES, you MUST follow the DIRECT ORDER. As quickly as possible, bring the situation to the attention of your Local Executive.
•     If you have been designated as a “PICKET MONITOR “, it is the position of the Association that the Corporation has the right to manage and assign work to our members. We work with the Corporation as the “eyes and ears “of the Corporation, as MONITORS of the situation. We monitor the activities taking place and report any incidents to the Manager on site, Corporate Security or the Area Performance Centre. It is the Association’s position that IT IS NOT your role to be a liaison with the CUPW Picket Captain. If at any time you feel your health & safety or personal wellbeing may be at risk, you have the right under the Health & Safety provisions of the Canada Labour Code, to withdraw your services. In addition, the Association has stated clearly that we do not agree with the Corporation, in that our members are to possibly provide escort service and assist individuals attempting to get through the Picket Lines. 
In the event that the disruption continues beyond a few days, the Corporation has committed to provide work for our members consisting of training, updates – both on street and in the office and other related duties in the interim. Regardless of your normal working hours, Article 17 allows the Corporation to change your normal hours of work in situations that are beyond their control. We have also been advised that the Corporation will maintain the current schedules of our members in SAP and they will continue to receive the premiums even though they may be training on days during the period of disruption. Members need to be aware of this and if necessary, make alternate child care/other arrangements.
If you have any questions or concerns regarding your role and responsibilities, please contact a member of your Local Executive as soon as possible.