In many areas of the country, the Corporation has completed the exercise of deletion of our positions and the rest will be following suit shortly.
The Association has a role to play and you also have an important role in helping us to help you.
We are looking at all the possible alternatives in order to challenge CPC on giving our tasks/work to Plants Managers and/or in trying to pass more onto the Supervisors. We are continuing to review the new organization with our legal team and discussing alternatives in what we can do to protect our work. 
Now, the Corporation has the audacity to call the new Supervisor positions ‘’ Superintendents ‘’. This is another smoke screen to try to have you doing more. Don’t believe that suddenly this Company wants to glorify your work; they are instead trying to placate you with a title that should in a short period give you more responsibility but no more dollars. 
In helping all of us, your part is straight-forward and this is not something exceptional for you. 
1: Continue to do your work, only your work.
2: Don’t try to impress anyone by doing more because, in the end you will be accountable for the extra work.
3: Do your 8 hours per day not more – this Company still attempts to threaten our members from coast –to-coast with the 9 or 10 hour day of which only 8 will be paid…yes, a strange thank you for all your hard work. As well, your manager may inform you that you are not a team member since you don’t want to work extra and not get paid for it…really strange isn’t it? Certainly, become a member of “his” team and as soon as you will be in trouble, you will find yourself being pushed aside and your appraisal will reflect that reality. You are far better off standing up and doing your job and only your job, after all, you will continue to receive the same cheque every 2 weeks.
4: Take your lunch and breaks every day. Don’t try to look like a Super Hero by not taking your breaks because when you will be down, exhausted and begin making mistakes, your manager’s expectations will still be at the level of that you created.
5: If you are a Superintendent in a new Mega Office, it will be in your best interest to read again steps 1 through 4 because when you will fall, the impact will be far more difficult on you.
Many years ago, when we created the Partnership Statement in the Collective Agreement, CPC Senior Management of that time were looking to create a good working relationship and we were close to actually achieve that dream. However, over the last few years, the single-minded goal to make money at any price has put this nice concept/philosophy back to square one. We will continue to work as professional’s with the Corporation but, the train stop here! It’s time to do the appropriate work which is required in ensuring the respect for our members.
A continuing important task where we need your help is to know how many of our positions were not replaced by a relief. Thank you goes out to the Members who have already advised their Branches of this situation. Unlike other Bargaining units where it is mandatory to share information with regards to absences… for some reason the Corporation doesn’t want to inform us as to absences of our members that were not replaced (Partner??). You are the best person for helping us. By sending a quick email to your Branch Representative with the name of the absent member and the dates of the start and the end of the absence, we will be better positioned and informed in order to address where the Corporation has failed to honour the commitment it has made to all of us. Thank you for your involvement. 
Unfortunately, as you read these points above, today we are dealing with people who don’t have the same view of us with respect to the dedicated and professional men and women of our Association. If the Corporation believes they can save money, in their eyes this is not deemed to be a problem when a Superintendent / Supervisor becomes too sick, tired and stressed in order to function properly. 
Understand that these conditions will result in not being able to do a professional job and inevitably when you begin to cut corners and drop certain tasks…it will be you who is blamed and held accountable for it.
Ladies and Gentlemen, your future depends on what you will or will not do. In addition, the future of all members depends on it.