Communiqué to Members about Collective Agreement

Association of Postal Officials of Canada

Communiqué to Members

November 17, 2014

The Association and the Corporation have reached a tentative agreement for the renewal of their Collective Agreement.

The Association wishes to update the members on those issues the parties have reached a tentative Agreement in principle. The Association’s negotiation team will embark on a national tour to explain to members the proposed changes to the Collective Agreement. Details to be provided by separate communiqué.

Included on the list of those issues that a tentative agreement in principle has been reached are the following:


  • The Collective Agreement has a term of four (4) years commencing on April 1, 2014 and ending on March 31,2018.

Wage Increase and Lump Sum Bonus:

  • The Agreement provides for a wage increase on April 1, 2015 of 1.25% and an increase on April 1, 2017 of 1.75%;

  • Each active member will also receive a 1.5% non-pensionable lump sum bonus on the date of signing of the Collective Agreement and a further 1.5% non-pensionable lump sum bonus on April 1, 2016.

Job Evaluation Impacted Members (from April 1, 2009):

  • Those members who were downgraded as a result of the implementation of the Job Evaluation Plan will continue to receive the pensionable lump sum in lieu of the wage increase (April 1, 2015 of 1.25% and April 1, 2017 of 1.75%) until their salary falls within the grade level salary range.

Job Evaluation Review Committee:

  • The Job Evaluation Review Committee has now been formalized into the Collective Agreement and will continue to be responsible for conducting evaluations for the following:
  • new jobs and;

  • jobs where an employee believes his job accountabilities have been changed or modified.


  • The issue of seniority was negotiated to impasse. The parties agreed to resolve this issue through a mediation / final offer selection interest arbitration process. The Association shall choose the individual to act as the mediator/arbitrator.

Personal Days:

  • Payment of any unused personal days remaining at the end of the year has increased from five (5) to seven (7) commencing in 2014;

  • The allocation of your seven (7) personal days shall change from January 1st of each year to July 1st of each year (new personal days year);

  • There will be a transition period (January 1, 2015 to June 30, 2015) to implement the change in the new personal days year.


  • Twenty-five (25) additional points have been provided for the purchase of uniform items;

  • The uniform year has been adjusted from the beginning of October to January;

  • Gaiters have been added to the list of uniform items for eligible employees to choose from.

Safety Footwear:

  • To be increased from $180.00 every 2 years to $260.00 every 2 years, unless the Corporation authorizes a greater amount.

Eligibility for Movement / Staffing

  • Bidding and transferring of part-time to full-time and full-time to part-time from within the zone before a transfer from outside the zone;

  • Transfer of SLs to OP1 without competition so long as they meet the minimum requirements and the transfer is permanent;

  • Transfer of OPs to SL1 without competition so long as they meet the minimum requirements and the transfer is permanent;

  • A pilot project will be undertaken in Montreal to explore the potential of expediting staffing actions;

  • Transfer requests will be submitted electronically;

  • Priority lists will be automated for ease of reference;

  • Corporation to provide the monthly vacancy report to the DVP.

Relationship Statement;

The Partnership Statement has been renamed to Relationship Statement. The Association believes that the renaming better reflects the link that currently exists between the parties. The Corporation has agreed to participate in the following committees with the Association:

  • Key Initiatives Review Committee
  • Performance Management Plan Committee
  • Health and Safety Consultations
  • Human Rights Committee

These Committees will serve as a forum for constructive dialogue and discussion regarding any potential systemic issues and seek out opportunities for improvement and solutions.

Performance Appraisals:

  • Performance appraisals will not only measure the results attained by the employee, rather will also measure the efforts and behaviours of the employee in achieving those results;
  • The Corporation shall provide to the Association, on an annual basis, the performance rating distribution for all employees.

Employee Benefits Plans:

  • Dental plan fee guide will be updated to reflect the practice of having the prior year’s guide apply to the current year;

  • For those employees who retire on or after April 1, 2015, the Corporation’s contribution to the basic coverage under the Extended Health Care Plan (excluding optional benefits) will be reduced to fifty percent (50%) and the contribution of the retiree will be increased to fifty percent (50%).

Short Term Disability Plan:

  • Confirmation that the right to appeal, on behalf of the member, belongs to the Association;

  • Verification of the appeal process, completed by way of documentary evidence and that any decision reached will be limited to the documentary evidence.

Meal Period:

  • If the Corporation is successful in obtaining an unpaid meal period from the employees that our members supervise, the Association has agreed to amend our collective agreement to allow for an unpaid meal period.

Injury on Duty:

  • Effective the first pay of January 2015, an employee granted injury on duty leave will be paid at the rate of seventy-five percent (75%) of regular wages.

Bereavement Leave:

  • Employees will now be entitled to bereavement leave of four (4) consecutive scheduled working days upon the death of the employee’s spouse’s grandparents.

Sales & CSN:

  • Increase of the team incentive for SL2s at maximum;
  • Changes to current individual at risk pay incentive for SL2s and SL6s;
    • Decrease for SL2A at target
    • Increase for SL2B at target and at maximum
    • Increase for SL6 at maximum
  • New individual at risk pay incentive for SL2s;
  • Changes to the work schedule for SL1 and SL3 (telephony) will be implemented by offering the new changes to the affected employees by seniority.

Compressed Work Week:

  • A pilot project will be undertaken in Montreal to implement a compressed workweek on the night shift for select work areas (supervisory and support functions). Should the pilot be successful, it may be implemented in other parts of the country;

  • If as a result of being on a compressed work week an employee does not meet the time worked requirement to gain a benefit, which he would otherwise have met, then the employee shall be deemed to have earned that benefit.

New Hires:

  • For those employees hired by the Corporation after the date of signing of this Collective Agreement they shall be subject to the following new provisions:

  • Reduced vacation entitlements
  • Elimination of pre-retirement leave
  • Reduced job securityL
  • Lower entry-level wages
  • Defined Contribution pension plan

Pension Plan:

  • Corporation has agreed not to amend, modify, change or adjust the defined benefit or defined contribution components of the pension plan without the agreement of the Association.


  • The Corporation should send a copy of disciplinary notices to both Branches and DVPs;                                                                         
  • Grievances alleging a violation of the article 49 may be referred to formal arbitration if the Association is not satisfied with the results of the investigation;                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    
  • A joint communication will be sent by the Corporation advising their management team that in order to resolve workplace issues without resorting to grievances, open dialogue is essential with DVPs.

 Additional Improvements:

  • Parking at new postal facilities;

  • Detailed points value when requesting a job evaluation;

  • Legal assistance from the Corporation when a member is subject to legal action as a consequence of performing their authorized duties;

  • Confirmation of the employee’s choice whether or not to use their personal vehicle for Corporation business and the consequence of using their vehicle for Corporation business;

  • Prior to an employee commencing a leave without pay, the employee will be notified of the approximate cost of benefit premiums that the employee will have to reimburse;

  • Updated list of arbitrators;

  • If on a temporary assignment overtime opportunities will be treated as if the employee was present in their substantive position.

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