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Where are we…..?
Many members across the country are asking this question. Regrettably, at this point, the news is not very positive. The very definition of a “Joint Committee“has become an issue of contention between the Association and the Corporation.
As self evident as the word “Joint “ may appear to be to most of us, somehow, the Corporation believes they have the right to go off on their own and change various components of a development plan that had previously been agreed to by both parties. This action has resulted in the Association formally registering our concerns in writing to the Corporation and the Association has confirmed a time-limit waiver in possibly filing a grievance, believing this action may constitute a violation of Appendix H.
As always, the Association is prepared to work with the Corporation in an effort to resolve these issues and move forward. However, at this stage we clearly have significant challenges ahead of us.
Speaking of grievances…
National Policy Grievance – Conflict of interest
Following an unsuccessful attempt to resolve the issue at the 1st level grievance hearing, the Association has referred this grievance to Formal Arbitration. We are challenging the interpretation and application of this policy by the Corporation.
A notice has been sent to all Branches requesting that any and all documentation and information be forwarded to APOC National Office. We are aware of those instances where grievances have been filed regarding this policy HOWEVER, we are also aware of some situations where our members have been impacted by the application of this policy by the Corporation, therefore, please ensure that your Branch executives are made aware of any incidences where a member has been impacted by this policy. The costs being bourn by our members specifically related to this issue are not acceptable to the Association, and we are seeking to have the Corporation’s position on this issue changed.
Speaking of costs…
Corporate Allowances: Mileage Rates / Per Diems……..
We have been asking the Corporation for a status update concerning corporate rates.
As you probably know, these rates are not negotiated, but rather are terms set out by the Corporation in an effort to compensate members for various expenditures they incur. We have asked for an immediate increase to the rates in light of the increased costs being experienced by our members. We have been told that an increase has been approved by the Board, but, unfortunately, we have not been told what these new rates will be.
Bottom line…..once again, our members will continue to be impacted by having to pay the extra costs due to the Corporations failure to act quickly. In the meantime, the Corporation is benefiting by not incurring the extra costs associated with the new rates. We will notify you as soon as we are provided with any updates.
In conclusion…
Unfortunately, this update does not reflect the positive aspects of some of the issues we are dealing with. We still believe that through frank, open, and professional dialogue, we will achieve results which are truly mutually beneficial to both Canada Post and the Association.
The above illustrates just a few of the issues we have currently been dealing with. How many of us have been impacted by 1 (one) or more of these items and what have we, as individuals, done about it?
Now more than ever, we need to be involved in helping to find the solutions to these and other issues.
Be active in your Association, or speak with a Representative today. 
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