July 31, 2020

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  In an effort to control the spread of COVID-19, many locations have mandated the wearing of face coverings in enclosed public spaces. Respecting these directives is consistent with Canada Post’s response to COVID-19 and prioritizing the health and safety of our employees and the public.

Canada Post is taking a universal approach in response to these directives, by adopting the highest safety standards in each of the affected locations. As of July 31, 2020, Canada Post’s standardized face covering practice will apply in Nova Scotia.

What you need to know

  • Starting Friday, July 31, employees at corporate post offices in Nova Scotia must wear a face covering while in publicly accessible areas.

  • Customers must also wear a face covering.

  • Appropriate exemptions from the face covering requirement will be granted.

  • Your retail location must also make hand sanitizer available to customers on a self-serve basis where they enter and exit the facility.

What you need to do

  • Wear a face covering while working in public sections of the post office including while working behind the counter. This new requirement does not apply to employees when they are in private areas of the post office (e.g. the backroom, office area, lunch area, etc.).

  • Canada Post distributed re-usable, washable face coverings to employees in Retail. If you have not received one, please speak to your team leader. You can also use a personally-supplied face covering while you are at work. To be effective, all face coverings must be handled and cared for properly. The attached job aid explains how to put on, remove and wash a re-useable face covering (T3, Job Aid_Washable face mask)

  • Post a sign to inform the public about the face-covering requirement. Bilingual posters are attached to this message (R2, E-F Poster_Affiche). They should be displayed prominently at or near all public entry points.

  • Remind customers who enter without a face covering, or who remove a face covering while inside the store, of the requirement to wear one. If a customer refuses, employees should serve them anyway.

  • Note that there are exemptions to the mandatory face covering requirement. Customers who indicate they have an exemption should be taken at their word.

  • Hand sanitizer must be made available to customers on a self-serve basis where they enter and exit the facility. Additional hand sanitizer has been shipped directly to post offices to supplement existing supplies. Post offices will receive this additional quantity of hand sanitizer in the coming days, if they haven’t already.

  • Hand sanitizer can be located on any of the following provided they are near your facility’s entrance and exit:

    • a table (you can source a table locally for this purpose if necessary);

    • the writing desk; or

    • the counter.

  • If you have RSMCs working out of your post office, please make sure they are aware of the directives by sharing copies of this message and its attachments with them.

While wearing a face covering is an additional precautionary measure, it is not a replacement for physical distancing and frequent handwashing, which remain the recommended primary approach to reducing the spread of COVID-19. Gloves and hand sanitizer will also remain available to employees. We will continue to evaluate and evolve our approach based on the guidance of public health authorities and keep you informed of any changes.

Please be safe.

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