Good day fellow APOC members,

Many of you have been telling us that you have big challenges in getting your work done.  WE HAVE HEARD YOU!!!!  The association wants to better reveal your challenges to the corporation and our fellow members.  To this end, we are asking you, the front line of our membership, to assist us.  We have built this small survey to help direct our efforts identifying the challenges and behaviors we all face getting things done on a day to day basis.  Your responses will help direct the next stage in the process.  To access the survey, simply type the following link into your browser, or visit our website and select the link in our online version of the bulletin.

English Survey

*Survey is now closed (December 4, 2017)

French Survey

*Sondage non-disponible (4 décembre 2017)

Are you unable to get everything done in your day, we want to hear this!  Is your depot a smooth sailing ship, we want to hear this!  Do you struggle to deal with the customers each day, we want to hear this!  Are you able to do extra tasks to help improve service results, we want to hear this!

We are the Work Challenge Committee. Our goal is to help all of us succeed in our roles so that Canada Post succeeds.  We hope you will take a few minutes out of your busy day to assist us.  We won’t ask you to sit for half an hour to do a long-winded survey.  We have 19 simple question that will help us see where the challenges are.  Your personal views are critical to the success of this process.

The deadline for this survey will be August 18, 2017 midnight (Eastern Standard Time)

Thanks, in advance for your time.

When we succeed, Canada Post succeeds!


The Work Challenge Committee