Fort McMurray


Firstly, we would like to express our most sincere apologies for the delay of this modest note. We want to underline the efforts of the members of the Association regarding the tragedy of Fort McMurray.  The work that has been accomplished was underlined on more than one occasion as much by the local, regional management and the Senior Executives in Ottawa.

The Association is proud to have people like you as members.  We must tip our hat and express our gratitude for your remarkable work, and we are convinced that your efforts will help the community to cope during this difficult period of adjustment in order to find consolation. Also we want to thank the Calgary local Branch for their unwavering support.

On behalf of the national executive council, but also on my own behalf, we join Mr Harry Comeau, Divisional Vice-President and Mr Andrew Hvarregaard, Edmonton Branch President to say a heartfelt thank you, your actions are an example to be followed.