Sales Incentive 2011

On September 9, 2011, the Corporation hosted a webcast which included updating of Sales members performance and incentives for 2011 and how the Company plans to mitigate the impact of the work disruption as it pertains to the revenues and compensation this year.
The following information was included in the webcast identifying the Company’s strategy to compensate our Sales members:
2011 Sales Performance and Incentive Update
The labour disruption impact; 
– Dramatic under performance in P6 and significant over performance (bounce back) in P7. 
– Net result- detrimental impact on Sales team’s revenue achievement this year.
To mitigate the impact to the work stoppage on the work force, Canada Post has approved the following remedy for 2011 Sales Performance Measurement.
•     Period 6 & 7 results (base, quota, and actual revenue) will be removed from a sales representative’s year to date results and the individual sales will be measured on a 10 month year.
•     The positive impact will be applied to individual Sales Incentive’s (10/12 payout) and the Wings of Leadership programs.
•     For those who elected to be measured on the full 12 months as it is more beneficial to them, they must have contacted Stephano Biscotti in Total Compensation by 5:00 PM on September 16, 2011.
The Association requests our Sales colleagues to please identify and forward any issues regarding the Company’s proposal to resolve the impact of the rotating strikes/CUPW lock out as it pertains to your Sales Performance Incentive, to your local Branch Executives with your concerns. This information will be compiled upon receipt and forwarded to the National Office for review and follow-up, prior to our next National Consultation with the Corporation.