Negotiations: Update

The Negotiation Team got together the week of July 21st and began reviewing the hundreds of requests that were submitted by the members at special Branch meetings throughout the Country.
The team will be meeting again the last week of August in order to categorize all the requests and continue preparing their strategies.
Until the start of the negotiations, the team will scrutinize the other Bargaining Units Collective Agreements within Canada Post as well as any other agreements from across the Country.
We are still accepting your requests, a «negotiation demands» form is provided in the documents section for your convenience. If you have access to other Collective Agreements, we will definitely accept them. 
Your help is truly appreciated!
In addition to our representatives, we have amongst our members, resourceful people who will help and guide us if the need should arise. Each group is well represented and they are located everywhere in Canada.
Each member is an important part of the Negotiation Team; do not hesitate to write to us.
Together / Ensemble
The Team.