APOC and re-organization ”UPDATE”

The Association has participated in 3 meetings this week in regards to the deletions/delayering of the Superintendent Positions in the Plant and Collection & Delivery organization. We are currently scheduled to meet again with the Corporation next week to continue discussions on this topic. 

The Association understands the needs for the Corporation to examine and pursue opportunities for cost savings. However, this goal is not achieved in deleting Superintendent positions and creating the odd Management position. No degree of continued success or more importantly, support to our Members will be achieved in meeting the targets set by the Corporation by such actions. 

The Association has advised the Corporation that it is unacceptable to consider Association work being handed over to Management positions and that the Association will pursue formal avenues available to challenge such actions. 

The Association will continue to work with Management in pursuing other cost savings alternatives however, first & foremost we will work to protect the rights of our Members impacted by such a careless approach to this proposed reorganization.