Good day,

REMINDER from: The Joint National Equity and Diversity Committee on the Equity Census survey

 Equity, diversity and inclusion is a key part of our commitment to social leadership under A Stronger Canada – Delivered. We believe that attracting, developing and retaining people who reflect the diversity of Canada are essential steps to achieve our success because this diversity matters to the customers and communities we serve.

You are invited to count yourself in and fill out the Joint Equity Census Survey to help us create a more diverse and equitable workplace. Your participation will help provide us with the accurate data we need to achieve this. The survey will only take a few minutes to complete.  You have until June 30th to complete and return it.

Your Equity Census information is confidential. It will not be shared with your coworkers, team leader or management, and is protected by the Employment Equity Act and the Privacy Act.

Thank you,

Rachel Lafontaine, 2nd National VP