Good day,

We wish to inform you of 14 new indeterminate positions which will soon be staffed as OP1 Officer, National Collection and Delivery Support in various locations as follows:


Primary Depot Responsibility

Main Address

Reporting to:

Halifax 1 & 2 + Dartmouth

6175 Almon Street, Halifax NS B3K 5N2

Pascal Brikh


5555 rue de Marseille, Montréal QC H1N 0C5

Pascal Brikh

Chabanel Depots 1 & 2

333 rue Chabanel Ouest, MONTREAL QC H2N 2J4

Pascal Brikh

McDermott (1, D, St Vital) + Southwest

400 McDermot Ave, Winnipeg, Mb. R3A 0A9

Bradley Wallis

Calgary East Facility

2777 Sunridge Blvd NE, Calgary Ab  T1Y 3R2

Bradley Wallis

Rosedale + Downtown Edmonton

10535-96 Street, Edmonton NW, T5H 2H6

Bradley Wallis

Norther Burnaby + North Fraser + Burnaby LCD3 + STN F

2758 Norland Ave, Burnaby, BC V5B 3A6

Marti-Lynn Curtis

Delta LCD 1 + Delta A / Main + Surrey 1, 2 & 3

10688 King George Blvd, Surrey, BC V3T 2X3

Marti-Lynn Curtis


340 Matheson Mississauga

Brian Berg


145 The West Mall Etobicoke

Brian Berg

66 Ray

66 Ray Ave Toronto

Brian Berg

600 Commissioners

600 Commissioners St Toronto

Brian Berg


301 Ritson Rd  N Oshawa

Brian Berg

280 Progress

280 Progress Ave Scarborough

Brian Berg


The focus of these roles will be to support regular address updates and all the address maintenance activities for the depot or area currently performed by Delivery Team Leaders. Tasks will include:

Managing Edit Book process (shared with peers)

AIM Updates including:

Identify safety & hazard concerns in AIM and update Heat Map

Adding new POC in AIM

Update consumers choice

Managing Audit Tab – includes clearing errors and warnings, updating case strips in SCALA and header boards in AIM

Wheeling new POC and updating 038s

Timing of new CPU and new RPO

Supporting Annual inspections (RSMCs)

Working with peers and delivery employees to find solutions (or resolve issues) with delivery

First point of contact with support groups for addressing

Please note:  The work location for these positions will be the Depots in which the positions support.

Should you be interested in these opportunities, please submit a transfer request no later than Friday April 8, 2022. Only applications received before or on April 8, 2022 will be considered.

Thank you,

APOC National Office