Fellow colleagues:

With the Corporation’s NDM survey now behind us, the work challenge committee met on January 24-26 and again on Jan 31 through Feb 2.  Our focus during these dates was to revise our own survey to be released shortly, and to revise our goals for 2017 moving forward.  The importance of success with our committee cannot be overstated, thus we enlisted the services of an external consultant to help guide and polish our survey to assure that we get the best possible results from your responses.

With these meetings now completed, our survey is now a finished product and will be sent to translation on Monday, February 6th.   We anticipate the survey to be returned to us over the next couple of weeks, and a follow up posting will be posted on our website and sent to the membership indicating the launch date.  Again, we cannot emphasize enough that our success will rely heavily on our member’s participation and honesty.

We look forward to hearing from you!