• A mobile medical clinic called “E-Z Care” has parked near some of our larger facilities to offer
services to our employees. They offer a chance to win prizes, such as a TV.

• The clinic’s staff ask employees for signed consent to allow the clinic to bill Great-West Life
directly for the service or supplies it provides.

• However, this clinic is not an approved health care provider under the Canada Post benefit plan.
Great-West Life will not reimburse you for claims you submit for services or supplies from E-Z
Care. Your claim will be denied.

• If you have submitted claims for service or supplies from this provider, you will receive a letter at
home explaining that the claim will be denied.

• Do not use any services offered by E-Z Care or any other mobile clinic, or sign blank claim forms
for any health care provider to submit for you.

• Never accept money or prizes for using a specific provider or service.

• To check if a provider is approved by Great-West Life, you can call them. I have their number: