Update on APOC Job Evaluation Plans

SUMMARY: In February 2007, Canada Post and APOC jointly embarked on a journey to review, update or develop both APOC Job Evaluation Plans (Operations and Marketing Sales & Service (MSS)). For your information, following is an update on the critical work accomplished by the Joint Committee as of February 29, 2008. 

ACTION REQUIRED: For information only

DETAILS: March 2007
 Provided Job Analysis and Job Evaluation training for Joint Committee
 Prepared Job Analysis Questionnaire and Interview Schedule
 Conducted Job Interviews in the Quebec, GTA, Huron Rideau and Prairie Regions
 Interviewed 130 APOC-represented employees from Operations 
 Interviewed 30 APOC-represented employees from MSS 
April – June 2007
 Analyzed the responses to the Job Analysis Interview exercise
 Gathered information during interviews to enable the development of the new Job Evaluation Plans (Operations and MSS) 
 Prepared the Job Information Gathering Tool (JIGT), which contains the skills and responsibilities efforts and working conditions of your new Job Evaluation Plan
 Validated JIGT with Sponsor Representatives
 Validated JIGT with Project Steering Committee
 Planned and scheduled the Employee Focus Groups
July – September 2007
 Validated JIGT with APOC-represented employees from both Operations and MSS
 Held 88 Focus Groups in 19 cities (21 locations), with participation from: 
– 396 APOC-represented Operations employees, 
– 93 APOC-represented MSS employees. 

Purpose of the Focus Groups
 Involve APOC-represented employees in this critical phase by seeking their validation of the work completed in developing the new Job Evaluation Plan 
 Give APOC-represented employees the opportunity to comment on the skills and responsibilities of their jobs.

The response to the JIGT was very supportive. During the post-Focus Group feedback sessions over 80% of participants recognized their roles and responsibilities as well as those of other job holders in Operations and MSS. While it is not feasible to survey all employees during the development phase, the project will be calling upon all APOC-represented employees during the final phase to participate. Employees from locations that were not part of the Focus Group phase will be involved.

September 2007 – February 2008
 Analyzed the responses provided in the JIGTs completed during the Focus Groups
 Refined the JIGTs in preparation for the final phase of the project, now that all Operations and MSS JIGTs have been analyzed

March 2008 – June 2008
The Committee will not meet the deadline of March 31, 2008 to finalize the development of both the Operations and MSS Plans. Both parties continue to work diligently to finalize the development of both plans, which will measure the skills, responsibilities, efforts and working conditions of APOC- represented employees.

Next steps for the Joint Committee are to:
 finalize the French versions of the JIGT for Operations and MSS
 resume work on core activities through March /April 2008
 secure agreement with the developed plan by both parties i.e. Canada Post and APOC

Attached are Questions and Answers to provide you with additional information and clarity on the project.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your collaboration and continued support of this critical initiative. Please email any concerns or questions to the project at: APOC JEP 2007 / PEP AOPC 2007.

Rene F.M. Belanger Darrin Kohut
Manager, OP& D APOC, National Vice-President
Project Co-Lead Project Co-Lead