Think about it.

The Corporation is looking to fill some vacant Management positions.
You may find yourself tempted to put your name forward to take on a new and different challenge. 
The Association is not opposed to our members leaving the Association to explore new opportunities within the Corporation. HOWEVER, we strongly caution you to be ABSOLUTELY certain that this career change is truly in your best interests, and not simply a case of greener grass on the other side of the fence. 
There are risks involved when making such a decision, and we encourage you to be sure about your decision. APOC provides you with job security, and the right to determine WHEN, and HOW, you will leave when the time is right for you, NOT for someone else. Significant numbers of the Management ranks have had that decision making privilege taken away from them. These folks were forced to leave according to someone else’s time frame, not theirs. 
Making a career path change in this manner, at this time, could put your career at risk. Despite their belief that they were the one that would be the exception, many of our former members have made the move only to be hastily escorted from the building. No amount of tears can undo the shock and damage that these people have had to endure.
PLEASE, think long and hard before deciding your future.