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It has come to the attention of the Association that the Corporation will soon be and indeed already have done in certain areas, canvassing (members) volunteers to perform work which does not fall within the regular duties of our bargaining unit. 

Interestingly enough, it was not the Corporation that made us aware of this initiative but, it was in fact our own members, even when they were requested by the company to not advise anyone. This initiative subsequently was indeed confirmed by our “Partners” at the Corporation. So much for the concepts of communication…

I’m certain many of you are shaking your heads wondering why any member would even consider this proposal, in light of the fact that the Corporation has just undertaken a massive initiative in deleting many of our Superintendent and Supervisor positions across the country. Now they would like us to consider members leaving their own jobs to perform something else entirely without our own people being replaced.

These are not the actions of a company planning strategically for the long-term benefits of all…these are short-sighted, fire-fighting techniques which ultimately will have no benefit to our members, both the one’s willing to volunteer for this task and those colleagues left behind to do “ALL” the work. 

Just imagine what the company will possibly do when they’ve now seen a number of our positions left vacant because some members went elsewhere…and those left behind apparently managed to get the work done. Unfortunately, our experience to date is that every time our members continued to go the “extra” for the company…we’re always the ones who ultimately lose. 

Think about this if and when approached by the Corporation…