Sales Group Concerns

Sales Group concerns

On October 17th, the Association unofficially met with the Vice-President of Sales, Mr. Serge Pitre, to discuss some of the concerns of APOC members working in that sector. The items discussed included the following:

The way quotas are set, the equation used and the origin of the data;

The concern that the letter signed at the beginning of the year, where reps commit to fulfilling their quota, could be used against them if they are unable to meet their target;

The small number of reps that meet 100% of their target; 

Performance interviews, and the Performance Improvement Program, which focus on revenues instead of the member’s performance, as well as the way the performance review process works;

The way territories are designed and assigned, as well as the number of reps per territory and type of client;

No compensation for the letter-mail product;

Changes during the year that affect results;

The morale of Sales Group members;

The perception that the Sales Group has to justify its existence;

The lack of transparency;

The feeling that their opinions do not matter.

The next national consultation is scheduled for December 4th. The minutes of that consultation will be posted on our website under the “National Consultations” tab.