The National Office and representatives of the Association have received numerous emails from members pertaining to health and safety issues concerning the carriage and use of laptops and other devices in their vehicles during the course of performing Canada Post duties. 

It is the Association’s position that the use of laptops and other devices in a vehicle whether in motion or not, creates a potential safety hazard in the event of an accident, or sudden adjustment, whether alone or accompanied by another individual in the vehicle. A laptop can become a projectile in a vehicle and combined with an air bag release, may cause extreme injury to an employee. Furthermore, parking on the side of the road, to fulfill data entry is similarly considered as potentially dangerous, should an employee be hit by an oncoming vehicle.

The Corporation was notified of the Association’s concern for the safety our members and we have requested an immediate response to this urgent matter. As a result, the Corporation has recommended and support that laptops, suitcases, etc. be placed in the trunk of the vehicle while in motion (whether there is a passenger or not). The employee should locate a safe parking location, such as a parking lot, park the vehicle and remove the laptop to perform data entry work. 

For the safety of our members, we strongly encourage this procedure be followed. Should you encounter any difficulties in respect to working in a safe and healthy manner, please escalate your concerns through your Local Association Representative immediately.

The Association has agreed to meet with the Corporation to discuss these important safety concerns and develop a safe practice for our members to perform their work duties without fear or risk of injury.

In keeping with the above, the Corporation has sent several Health & Safety Representatives to visit certain sites to follow up on with the safety matters identified by the members.