National Depot Management Announcement

The Association has discovered that the National Depot Management (NDM) program which has been implemented in various locations across the country has been “Temporarily” halted due to the current financial constraints of the company. 
We state discovered, as the Association was not made aware that this was even being considered and it was only through an initial query, brought to our attention by an APOC member on one of the implementation teams, that the Corporation confirmed the above statement to us. The Corporation has admitted that they erred in this matter and that consideration should have been given to not only ourselves but, especially to all of the members who form the NDM implementation teams. These project assignments will now end and those members will now return back to their substantive positions with the subsequent ripple-effect of those who were back-filling, now having their term assignments end. 
The Association has requested that consultation and follow-up occur in the various areas where these staffing issues will take place in order that all are properly notified and are implemented correctly. 
It is unfortunate once again that in a company which attempts on many levels to promote “Communication” as a key cornerstone of its foundation, that nowhere in the entire chain of this issue being considered, did anyone even think to say “maybe, we should talk with APOC and its members?”.