Labour Disruption Message Part II

Information has been brought to our attention that members are being instructed by their superiors to perform the work of the CUPW members currently locked out by the Corporation. 
In accordance with our previous message, it remains the position of the Association that our members are not required to perform such work. Therefore, if you are instructed to do work outside of your normal tasks, you are again advised to state that “this is not my work, it is work performed by another bargaining unit”. If the instruction to perform such work is repeated, ask “is this a Direct Order” and if you are told it is, you are advised to comply with the direct order. 
As soon as possible, please document all particulars related to the order and forward to your local APOC representatives who will compile this information prior to forwarding it to the National Office. We will then review the files and confer with our legal counsel as to our next steps. 
For your information as well, we have provided the Corporation with our position on this matter and have requested clarification and confirmation. The Corporation has advised us that they are extremely busy at the moment and will get back to us when they can. 
In addition, the Association recognizes that the clearance of the Street Letter Boxes is a requirement in order to secure and protect the mail currently within the mail stream. It appears once again that Heroes within the management ranks of the Corporation believe that YOU should be completing this task with your own personal vehicle and perform this task on your own. This stance is surprising, but unfortunately not necessarily a shock anymore to what we have come to expect from the Corporation. Even the so-called senior executives of this Corporation, who have been through similar events in the past, seem to have adopted the stunned approach which clearly lacks a degree of common sense. 
In closing, I would like to state to all members that we recognize the inherent and legal rights which we all share as members of a CERTIFIED UNION. This legal process allows for Strikes and Lockouts to occur, and again this is within the realms of the Collective Bargaining process. 
However, all members should be cognizant that the current Government position of legislating workers back to work, is not in the best interests of any individual or organization who believes in the concept of free and collective bargaining. All of us need to evaluate these actions and recognize that inherent rights are lost for all of us in these types actions which remove our basic fundamental rights.
Please continue to keep your local representatives advised as to the actions occurring in your areas.