Joint Communiqué

Joint Communiqué between Canada Post and the APOC 

To: All employees represented by the APOC

With the recent announcement of the Five-point Action Plan, Canada Post will be establishing a project team composed primarily of Delivery Planning Officers (DPO OP-1) to support the Delivery Planning Organization in performing the conversion to centralized delivery methods in areas currently serviced by door-to-door delivery. This project team will be established for a duration of up to 5 years. The Corporation wishes to canvass its employees represented by the APOC for those interested to be considered for these 5 year term DPO project positions. 

The terms and conditions governing these term DPO project assignments are listed below. We ask that only individuals who are truly interested and who fully understand and accept the conditions outlined below put forward a notice of interest since there is a great urgency to commence in the very near future. The Corporation will also be posting these positions externally and will work closely with your APOC representatives in determining the proportion of positions that will be staffed internally in order to avoid creating hardship on other parts of the organization during these critical times. 

The home base offices for these positions will be located in Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Saskatoon, Winnipeg, London, Kitchener, Hamilton, Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, Quebec and Halifax. 

This decision follows discussions with the Association of Postal Officials of Canada. 

All Project DPO positions will be subject to the following:

•     The project is planned for a 5 year period. All Project DPOs will be required to stay on the project for the duration of the project and will not be allowed to transfer out of the project. The only exception that will be made is in order to accept a promotion.

•     Candidates must meet the criteria as outlined per Article 43.11 which includes, the minimum requirements of the position and attained a ‘met most requirements’ rating for the past two years.

•     Upon acceptance of a position on the project, you will relinquish your substantive position. 

•     The project positions will require extensive travel (which includes hotel overnight, and weekends) as well as being away from home for periods of time as per the travel policy. The travel can be located anywhere in Canada depending on the needs of the project. It is important to note that travel will be required for all the positions, including those located in major centers as we will be implementing CMBs in all communities across the country.

•     Annual leave will be very limited during the summer months to ensure maximum staffing during the busy implementation period of April to October.

•     After 2 years on the project and for the remaining duration of the project, you will be allowed one opportunity to submit a transfer in order to secure a position prior to the end of the project.

•     Securing a position will only be on paper as you will be required to remain on the project until its completion.

•     While the normal schedule of work will be Monday – Friday days, there will be periods where Evening work and work on weekends will be required.

•     For those who do not secure a position before the end of the project, you will be declared surplus at the end of the project and the provisions of Art. 44 will apply (including the possibility of being relocated).

All notices of interest are required to be sent to prior to January 11, 2014. Expressions provided do not guarantee acceptance onto the Project however, those who do submit their names will considered as applying for a Project Position.

Again, we ask that you give thoughtful consideration to the opportunity. 

Canada Post                          Association of Postal Officials

John Polak                         Guy Dubois

GM Addressing and Delivery          President, APOC