If you need help

The National Executive Meetings, immediately followed by the Branch Presidents Meetings, will be held in Toronto from May 25th to May 30th 2011.
If you need assistance or information during this week, you should email your Divisional Vice-President who will assist you, or direct your email to the Branch President responsible for your area, who will call you as soon as possible.
These are the email addresses for the Divisional Vice-Presidents.
Atlantic Division: Michael Ling at ling@apoc-aopc.com
Quebec Division: Réjean Beaulac at beaulac@apoc-aopc.com
Montreal Division: Yvon Dubuc at dubuc@apoc-aopc.com
Rideau Division: Noreen Plant at plant@apoc-aopc.com
York Division: Angella Dunn at dunn@apoc-aopc.com
Huron Division: Lyle Drouillard at drouillard@apoc-aopc.com
Midwest Division: Dave Smook at smook@apoc-aopc.com
Foothills Division: David Atchison at atchison@apoc-aopc.com
Pacific Division: Dave Watters at watters@apoc-aopc.com