The National Office and all representatives of the Association have received numerous emails and participated in numerous discussions with many of you regarding the last posting message on our website in regards to the changes imposed by the Corporation to the Minimum Requirements of the Route Measurement Officer (RMO) position. Subsequently, we have also begun hearing that now other “Support” functions appear to be signifying that they too will soon be adopting similar changes.

During the week of March 12-16, 2012 the National Executive Meetings of the Association were held in Ottawa. At that time, the Association had the opportunity to meet with Mr. André Joron, Chief Human Resources Officer for the Corporation and stated this matter has become one of “THE” High Priority items for us. Mr. Joron agreed to take-away the matter and look into the issue in greater detail and subsequently, he has confirmed back in writing his commitment to schedule a follow-up meeting to discuss this further. 

While we remain open to any and all possibilities to resolve this matter to our mutual benefit and will confirm our commitment to meet at any time with a goal to resolving the matter, the Association has also advised the Corporation that the immediate actions of the Association to address this matter will be as follows:

•     The Association will be advising all members who wish to apply for these positions and who met the previous Minimum Requirements, to submit the appropriate documents and apply for the position as per the staffing process.

•     Upon receipt of notification that their application for the position has been denied, members will be advised to forward all documentation to the local Branch Representatives in order that grievances will be prepared. 

•     Branches will file grievances for each individual member who has been denied the opportunity to apply for these positions based on not meeting the Minimum Requirements. 

We request the assistance of each and every member to advise your local representatives as per the above in order that we can process the grievances as expeditiously as possible and pursue through the avenues available to us to seek a remedy to this situation. 

It has never been the position of the Association to file grievances for the sake of filing grievances…and we wish to strongly confirm that this continues to be our philosophy. However, we remain just as committed in ensuring the Corporation respects the dedicated and professional members of the Association and as quoted in the following recent notice to them: 

•     “Our members, your employees are the best people for these positions…provided they are given the opportunities they have earned.”