Dear members,

The Association met with Senior VP, Mr. Doug Jones and the subject matter was the upcoming re-organization within Collection & Delivery. On Tuesday, September 17, 2013 a subsequent meeting was held with Western Canada GM, Mr. Fred Pollard, Atlantic Canada GM, Ms Nikki Forrest and from National Labour Relations, GM, Bruno Cadieux. 

The purpose of this follow up meeting was to discuss the Corporation’s proposal to eliminate APOC Superintendent Positions from Collection and Delivery. The company would then create Manager Positions for delivery depots or installations, thus reducing the head count of the Association.

Many of us have experienced and suffered through similar exercise(s) designed to downsize the workforce in the Plant Organization. Not withstanding the apologies from the company, this was a bad idea back then and it is a bad idea today. The re-introduction of Superintendent Positions in some plants and the creation of Expeditor positions across the country are indicative of the ill effects of these decisions . This time around, the company does not flat out state that these positions are gone, but, rather, that they will evolve into a support function type positions (C & D Expeditors – ?) for a depot or installation, or more than likely, for multiple installations. 

The Corporation does not want to compare it to the past Delayering iniative……..but if it looks like, and walks like……… what would you call it ???

The objective, as stated by the company, is to bring the Manager down to the front-lines. Perhaps, if a Manager of C & D is not involved in the front lines already, then, one might be tempted ask, what are they doing ? Is removing the Superintendents Positions supposed to force Managers to get back to the Front Line, to get more involved in the day to day operation and management of the Company ?

We have heard from many of you regarding the rumors, and as stated in our message(s) of October 31, 2012 and May 14, 2013 the Association has asked to be involved. Our requests were politely declined, and we can once more see the cracks of disconnect that exists within the company and one of it’s key stakeholders / bargaining units. We continue to identify concerns and issues regarding our members on the Front Line and the unattainable goals and objectives they have been tasked with, but, to no avail. Canada Post’s Chief Operating Officer, Mr. Jacques Cote, told the Association that he was “ humbled ” when informed that the company has taken no actions to address our concerns. The apparent reluctance from the company to address the serious issues facing our members is troubling at a time when everyone needs to focus on the future of all employees, including APOC MEMBERS.

The Association continues to offer our assistance and insight to the Corporation, to re iterate our position that we are willing to sit and discuss next steps. The formation of a joint steering committee has come up, however, our willingness to contribute to, and participate in such a committee, in no way negates our ability to challenge this action, nor the filing of a complaint to the Canadian Industrial Relations Board

The Association will continue to impress upon the company the need to reconsider this latest proposal, however, it seems as though the wheels are already in motion and the company will proceed. This proposal is demoralizing and upsetting to just about every Superintendent and Supervisor in our organization. The Association will continue to try to convince the company of the negative impacts this action will have on the success of Front Line operations. Sometimes, it takes more than just the repeated actions of National Office to bring the point home to Corporation’s attention. 

As our current collective agreement expires in early 2014, and the next round of negotiations will begin, it would appear that the company is trying to set the stage and send all of us a message. 

While this information may not be news to you, the Association will continue to try keep you informed regarding any further updates and information we are able to share. Next meeting is scheduled for October 18.