On Monday, October 29, 2012 the National Office met with Doug Jones, Senior VP Delivery, Brian Wilson VP Mail Processing & Network, Bruno Cadieux, GM Labour Relations and Katherine Price-Raas Director Labour Relations. 

The purpose of the meeting was to obtain information about the company’s plans and the impact on our members. 

The Association’s primary concern was to obtain from Senior Management the current state of staffing of APOC positions. The Corporation confirmed that they have placed a (temporary) hiring freeze on all APOC positions. Doug Jones confirmed he authorises final approval to staff a vacant position. The Company stated that they are conducting a review of every level of the entire organization including all APOC positions. No surprise to any of us, the Company stated these decisions are based on the current financial situation and necessitates that immediate actions must be under taken. 

The Association voiced the following concerns:

•     It appears we may find ourselves in a reduced staffing environment, in which a growing number of our positions are NOT filled, however, the expectations regarding workload and meeting goals and objectives remain at 100%. What plans do the Company have to support the Association’s members to carry out these additional burdens and support the members in accomplishing the goals and objectives set for them during this very difficult time?

•     In an unprecedented situation, the Association has been informed that a member has been Laid-Off as per Article 44. As part of the overall review and realignment of the Corporation, it is likely we will see more of these unprecedented measures being taken. 

•     The Association has requested to participate with the Corporation in their review as it pertains to our members and their positions. It is essential that the Association be included in this exercise, to protect our members as much as possible. 

Colleagues, we know that you are all quite aware of the issues facing the Corporation and we continue to respect the desired outcome of a financially viable company for all of us but, we do not subscribe to the belief that this comes at any price! 

The Association continues to advise you to: work only your 8 hours, take all of your breaks and go home at the end of your shift. 

We know this is ”easier said than done”, we do not have a structured workload system…we get paid for the hours we work. The workload is not being reduced and in fact, it is continually being increased. You must let the Employer know what is not getting done. You must request authorization and claim the over-time when you work more than your schedule.

Please, do not put your health and safety at risk! In difficult times such as these, it is very important that you take care of yourself; as the extra burdens and long hours will eventually affect your personal well-being.