Since our last communiqué, CPC has agreed to change the accommodation strategy, thus providing individual rooms to all participants at the upcoming National Sales Conference in Toronto in February. 
Furthermore, we are pleased to announce that the National Executive Committee will be attending the said conference.
Lately we have been receiving feedback in regards to the up-coming National Sales Conference being held in Toronto on February 8-9, 2012. 
The contentious issue which we have heard surrounds the position taken by the Corporation that those attending this event are advised that the sharing of rooms will be required. However, exceptions are granted to this requirement if you are a Club 100% member, Senior Corporate representative or have other reasons for not sharing a room. 
The Association has advised the Senior Sales Executives of the Corporation that the sharing of rooms is not a position supported by ourselves.
We have confirmed that those registering for this event have the option indicating they are willing to attend or may simply indicate they cannot attend. 
We have also requested that those who state they cannot attend the event are not to be questioned as to their reasons for not attending and that their wishes in this matter are to be respected. 
While the Corporation has advised us clearly that this is a cost constraint measure, we have respectfully stated that cost constraints are/should be shared by all and not just some.