Canada Post Review

The Government of Canada is conducting an independent review of Canada Post to ensure Canadians receive quality postal services at a reasonable price. Canadians from coast to coast to coast will have a say in the services they value and want.  (From the Government of Canada website)

During our meeting on May 27, the Task Force asked us what we were expecting from the study. It is difficult for an organization of our size to devout the resources required to provide the Task Force with a comprehensive report addressing all the issues and factors that would assist the Corporation in the delivery of quality and affordable postal services for Canadians.

Nevertheless, the Association can state unequivocally that the past success of the Corporation has been a direct by-product of the work and contribution of its employees. It is the Association’s apprehension that any changes which the Corporation will seek implement will result in a negative impact on the terms and conditions of employment of its employees. Therefore, it is the Association’s position that in order for the Canada Post Corporation to be successful it must attract a high level of talent. This can only be achieved by providing attractive working conditions for employment, which must include good benefits and a strong pension plan for its employees.

The Association believes in a collaborative approach to seeking solutions to address the concerns all employees of Canada Post. The first step should be to ensure the provision of a solid and fair retirement. It is the Association’s view that a successful Canada Post results in content and thriving employees which will benefit all Canadians. We seek your consideration in this regard as the Task Force performs its mandate in the coming months.

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