New OP-1 positions

New organizational structure for the local areas

Audience: All APOC-represented employees –Operations
cc: Managers and above, Operations

In May, 2014, the Corporation and the Association of Postal Officials of Canada met to discuss a new organizational structure for the local areas. The goal was to establish a standard approach to the management of regions, to equally distribute workload in the local areas and restore balance to operations.

After discussions throughout the summer, the parties finalized a Memorandum of Agreement in September that will change the local area organization across Canada. Local management will collaborate with APOC leads to implement that change.

The reorganization will reduce the number of OP-2 positions and increase the number of OP-1 positions. The overall impact to the Association is a slight increase in number of positions.

OP-1 positions have been added primarily in areas that are experiencing growth.

Newly created local area supervisor positions will first be used to accommodate displaced members from within the local area, then be filled by the normal transfer process. In the event an OP-1 position is created in a location that never had an APOC presence, both parties will ensure the change is properly communicated to the membership through APOC’s national website and Canada Post’s Communications team.

New OP-1 positions have been added at locations across the country for which transfer requests can now be submitted.  The list can be found under “Documents for Members” in the “Forms” section.